Pave your own path, built to handle any terrain.

Gravton Motors

Quanta is a sustainable mobility solution developed by breaking conventions. It has been purpose engineered, designed, and manufactured in India for our roads.

Bend it like the curve !

The chassis the tire thread and the suspension have been purpose built to push it to the extreme.

Ah the numbers !

Max torque - 172 Nm (at the wheel)

Power - 3KW

Gradeability - 18 °

Quick juicing up

The batteries of Gravton recharge in no time for extraordinary convenience, and Gravton charger allow for a quick home charging.

Power at twist

Get instant torque in any situation, the proprietary BLDC motor has been designed to reduce mechanical losses and increase efficiency to give instantaneous power.

Most efficient electric drive train with minimal mechanical losses
Modes : Eco | City | Sport
Motors : 3KW
Suspension designed & tuned for on and off terrain performance

Gravton Motors

Stability and Robustness!

Bigger wheels, well-balanced, and fine-tuned suspension soak up the bumps with no shocks to the rider's spine while providing excellent handling on the curves.

Gravton Motors

Rib-caged chassis!

World's first rib caged chassis built to safeguard and secure all the internal components in all scenarios while enabling egress and ingress of battery swap and the rider.

Built to Last!

World's first rib caged chassis built to safeguard and secure all the internal components in all scenarios. The solid-body frame provides toughness to endure any terrain, making it durable, and minimal moving parts make it more reliable.

Rib Caged Trellis Chasis !

The vehicle can take a maximum load of 250 kgs including riders, the rib cage has been designed to protect the component in all terrain conditions

Spare you worry !

All the components have been designed and manufactured in India for indian terrain conditions, making availability of spares and servicing easy.

Smart Connectivity

For enhanced user experience & convenience

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Gravton Motors