Quite the Ride! 250+ bikers rave about the Quanta Test Ride


Your wait for an exciting and adventurous ride is over. Gravton Motors is conducting a series of test rides for people to experience Quanta firsthand. For most, it has been an exhilarating ride.

Quanta's name has been buzzing in the EV industry for a while now and finally, the mean machine is ready to hit the road. To give you a sneak peek, people are excited and thrilled to get a closer look and feel of the vehicle.

Till now, Quanta has successfully completed 250+ test rides. The company had a great time interacting and engaging with riders. Most of them appreciated the design efforts that have been put into making Quanta more functional, comfortable, and robust. The vehicle with perfect off-road-tuned suspension. A few of the specific features that appealed to the majority of the test riders are comfort, pickup, throttle response, and sturdiness. Let’s hear it straight from the people:

Excellent Pickup and Speed

Quanta is powered by a powerful BLDC motor to provide high performance and efficiency. It provides instant power and torque in any situation. Whether you are traveling on a hilly road or rough terrain, quanta offer a fast acceleration response for an amazing riding experience.
Got extra luggage don’t worry Quanta has a pulling capacity of 250kgs. Well-balanced designed and fine-tuned suspension soaks up the bumps with no shock, so riders can have a smooth ride even on speed breakers and road bumps.

- Joshua

Comfort and Performance

Every component of our vehicle is designed and manufactured in India to be a perfect fit for Indian roads. Swapping technology and double battery compatibility make it a perfect solution for addressing range anxieties. On a single charge, you can reach up to 160km in Eco Mode.

Gravton Motors’ dream of making EV a reliable option for a sustainable future is finally becoming a reality. More and more people are joining the EV revolution. Quanta is ready to lead the way for an eco-conscious future. Are you ready?

Equipped with a high torque motor, Quanta is capable of touching 80 KMPH at top speed. 3 riding modes allow you to ride as you like. Our vehicle features the world’s first rib-caged chassis to protect all the internal components at any speed. So there will be noise.

- Abhilash

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