India’s first 2Wheeler EV
to conquer Kanyakumari
to Khardung La

chalega nahi,

More than what meets the eye.

The Electric Solution

It was not just any adventure; it was necessary to drive a change and show that long-distance on an electric vehicle is possible, and EV is a viable and reliable option.

About EV Record

Kanyakumari to Khardung La in 6.5 Days.

Kms Travelled No. of States Elevation Gained Trip Fuel Cost Days
4011 11 0 - 18,000 ft ₹400 6.5

Convenient & Efficient

Swap Eco System (SES) has been designed to increase range by building an ecosystem of solutions, so you don't ever have to think of range.

Drive 800Kms in ₹80 and never stop to recharge

Gravton Motors

High performance

An Electric bike, Nah! Quanta is more than that. It has been designed with 17" large wheels and off-road-tuned suspension to take on anything that comes in its way, either road or no road!

Tuned Suspension
17" Large Wheels
High Torque Motor
250Kg Payload Capacity
17" Large

High Torque
250 Kg
Payload Capacity

Powerful BLDC HubMotor

The BLDC motor has been designed in-house for high performance & efficiency. It is a workhorse with a pulling power of 250Kgs.

Smart BLDC
In-house Designed
High Torque Motor

Smart Ecosystem of Solutions


Unleash the Cool Quotient!


A Killer Design that’ll get you the ‘wow’ looks!
A Kickass Built that’s comfortable & functional.

Proudly Made in BHARAT

All components of Quanta have been designed, engineered, and manufactured in India to make people believe that electric vehicle is the real alternative by addressing the range anxiety with our solutions.


Asia Book of Records
Asia Book of Records

The fastest Indian Electric Motorbike makes an impactful entry in the Asia Book of Records by conquering 4011km: K2K in 6.5 days.

India Book Of Records
India Book of Records

Winning hearts and how! Quanta goes the distance of 4011km nonstop k2k in 164 hours and 30 minutes! Quanta is setting new records and standards for EV 2Wheelers in India.